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2019 New Holland Agriculture Forage Blower F62B

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New Holland Agriculture
Forage Blower F62B



  • Fast Way To Center-Fill Tall Silos: You'll have no problem keeping pace with forage harvesters and wagons using the high-capacity F62B forage blower from New Holland. Engineered to quickly center-fill silos more than 100 feet tall, it delivers dependable filling with less vibration and noise than the competition, making the job a little less of a chore.
Construction and Operation Features
  • High-Capacity Filling At Its Best: Solid construction and a proven auger-fed design on the F62B forage blower provide smooth, even delivery; reduce friction; and increase power efficiency. This blower can move up to 180 tons per hour of corn silage or up to 110 tons per hour of haylage. That’s high capacity you can count on.
  • Dependable Auger-Fed Design: A 12-inch auger is positioned at a 30-degree angle to the blower fan so crop moves quickly into the blower. The auger is positioned at the bottom of the 37-inch hopper, providing smooth delivery without bridging. An over-center clutch linkage engages and disengages the auger for less maintenance and longer life.
  • Powerful Fan Moves A Lot of Forage: A 60-inch-diameter blower fan moves crop material fast. Eight fan paddles are connected to and rotate with a back plate so crop matter doesn’t rub against the blower housing. A powerful fan paddle tip speed of 8,460 feet per minute keeps material moving at a rate of up to 180 tons per hour for corn silage.
  • Easy To Inspect and Maintain: Inspecting fan paddles is easy with the hinged blower outlet assembly, and the entire assembly is easy to remove when you need to do any paddle maintenance.
  • Handy Height Adjustment and Transport: Adjustable wheels let you easily raise and lower the F62B for transport and leveling at the silo. The height of the hopper’s rim can be adjusted from 20½ to 27½ inches from the ground to accommodate different size forage wagons.
  • Blowing height: Over 100 ft. (Over 30 m)
  • Blower housing: 60 in. dia. (1,524 mm)
  • Paddles (adjustable): 8
  • Paddle tip speed: 8,460 ft./min. (2,579 m/min.)
  • Drive: Direct PTO
Capacity (With Adequate Power)
  • Corn silage: Up to 180 tons/hr. (163 mt/hr.)
  • Haylage: Up to 110 tons/hr. (100 mt/hr.)
Driveline Protection
  • Driveline protection: Shearbolt
  • Diameter: Auger-12 in. (305 mm)
  • Length: Auger-50 in. (1,270 mm)
  • Width: 37 in. (940 mm)
  • Height from ground: Adjustable-20 1/2 in. (520 mm) to 27 1/2 in. (699 mm)
  • Feeder type: Auger
  • Length: 108 in. (2,743 mm)
Optional Equipment
  • Pipe Clamp: Optional
  • Kwik Pipe Bundle: Optional
  • Telescoping Pipe Section: Optional
  • Hinged Deflector: Optional
  • Safety Tow Chain+: Optional
  • PTO: 540 rpm
  • Tires: 4.80-8 “C" load range
  • Weight: 1,605 lbs. (729 kg)
  • Width: 100 in. (2,540 mm)



108 in. (2,743 mm)
100 in. (2,540 mm)
1,605 lb. (729 kg)
4.80-8 “C" load range